Research, who to believe?

February 2, 2017
by Mike
Vacuum Articles

What to believe?

Consumer magazines, T.V. commercials, door to door sales people, claims on a box?

Magazines rate a vacuum #1 for years, then tell you they “miss the hair and pollute- the air”

TV commercials make all kinds of claims:

Vacuums that never clog. Lifetime filters. Try mine and I’ll give you  hundreds of  dollars of free stuff (Hmm. what’s the vacuum really worth then?).

Door to door people who start at one price then 2 hours and four phone calls later drop the price by a thousand dollars or more.

A box that claims to have more power than a competitor, or out clean one.


None of the above, ask me!

My best source for research is my store repair department.

I see broken vacuums every day and work on thousands. I see how they’re made and see how they break. I see what’s built well and what cleans better. I carry dozens of machines and have multiple flooring types. This way you can test drive and actually see which ones clean the best for your homes flooring types.

Come see me to decide for yourself.

Mike   (owner of Mike’s Vacuum).

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