Broken Dyson Our Dyson will not stand upright — it falls flat on the floor as if the catch that keeps it up is broken.

– Depending on the model we can order the part if needed or repair in the store.

What can I do with my broken vacuum cleaner?

My vacuum cleaner is in good shape but has a broken belt. It’s a minor repair, but I want to get rid of it because I have a new, better vacuum. I don’t want to throw it away because it could be easily repaired. Are there places that will purchase, or at least take, broken appliances?
-We will give a trade in allowance for a new machine, or dispose of it for you.

dyson vacuum switch repair?

how do I repair the electrical connection to the switch of my dyson vacuum cleaner? It looks as if I should be able to get access to it but it does not want me to get there.

-This is a one (1) day repair


The brush bar on my dyson is not spinning. How do I fix it? ?

The last time I ran the vacuum, I cleaned out the brush bar from hair, string, etc., and now it won’t spin. Visually there is nothing wrong or broken. How do I trouble shoot, or reset the brush?

-This can be repaired in the store. bring it in.