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Telescoping Duster

Telescopic Angle Lambswool Dusters

Our telescopic angle dusters are the answer to all of your hard-to-reach dusting needs! The specially-designed pivoting feature lets you quickly and easily dust areas at almost any angle which were once too difficult to reach. With a simple twist of the wrist the rigid telescopic handles easily adjusts to the desired dusting length, or simply unscrew the wool duster attachment from the handle and it quickly transforms into a handy, hand duster for smaller jobs.

Easy to Clean: The wool head can be unscrewed from the handle for cleaning. Shake then twirl the duster head handle between your hands to spin the dust from the wool, as well as fluffing the fibers. If the fibers are matted due to dust and cobwebs, use the Wool Shop Duster Care Brush to comb and fluff the wool. If the wool becomes excessively soiled, hand wash the duster using Wool Shop Duster Shampoo which has the 7 steps to wash our Wool Shop Dusters. Hang the duster (out of the sun) to dry then comb and fluff the wool with our Duster Brush.

25' Telescopic Duster

9' Telescopic Duster

6.5' Telescopic Value Duster
13' Telescopic Duster
13' Telescopic Duster
9' Telescopic Duster
6.5' Telescopic Value Duster

25′ Telescopic Duster
Extends from 8’5″ to 25’8″
Model #MGR25F

13′ Telescopic Duster
Extends from 6’3″ to 13’8″
Model #MGR13F

13' Telescopic Duster

13′ Telescopic Duster
Extends from 6’3″ to 13’8″
Model #MGR13F

9′ Telescopic Duster
Extends from 4’11” to 9’8″
Model #MGR9F

6.5′ Telescopic Value Duster
Extends from 4’5″ to 6’5″
Model #TAD78

Telescopic Wool Head Refill
Angle Connector
Telescopic Pole
8' Telescopic Pole

Telescopic Wool Head Refill
Model #TWDHO

Angle Connector
Model #AC78

Telescopic Pole (Steel)
Extends from 33″ to 59″
Model #TPS

8′ Telescopic Pole (Aluminum)
Extends from 3’3″ to 8′
Model #TPA8

12' Telescopic Pole
24' Telescopic Pole

12′ Telescopic Pole (Aluminum)
Extends from 4’7″ to 12′
Model #TPA12


Premium Classic Lambswool Dusters

Our “Classic” Dusters are made of premium-tipped lambswool that act as a magnet to naturally attract and hold dust particles without the use of cleaning chemicals. The dusters comes complete with a solid hardwood handle for added strength and natural appeal. The hand-tied leather hang strap with an attractive hangtag provides a unique visual merchandising technique for retail display. The natural look of wool and wood makes our Classic Duster an enticing choice for our customers, thoughtfully made in a myriad of sizes.

Easy to Clean: To remove the dust twirl handle between your hands to fluff. If wool becomes matted, comb and fluff the wool with our Wool Shop Duster Care Brush. If the duster becomes excessively soiled, HAND WASH using our Wool Shop Duster Shampoo.

10" Duster
18" Duster
24" Duster

8″ Lambswool Duster
Model #DO8

Price: $4.99

10″ Lambswool Duster
Model #D10

Price: $7.99

18″ Lambswool Duster
Model #D18

Price: $9.99

24″ Lambswool Duster
Model #D24

Price: $11.99

36" Duster
48" Duster
36" Wooly Wand
5" Duster

36″ Lambswool Duster
Model #D36

Price: $12.99

48″ Lambswool Duster
Model #D48

Price: $13.99

36″ Wooly Wand
Model #D50

Price: $8.99

5″ Multi-Use Duster
Model #D51

Price: $1.99

Dust Mitt
Chamois Sponge
Duster Care Shampoo

Dust Mitt
Model #WSC53

Price: $14.99

Lambskin Chamois Sponge
Model #CS1

Price: $5.99

Duster Care Shampoo
Model #D56

Price: $5.99

Wool Shop Dusters