Dyson DC07/DC14 Service

Dyson vacuumsDyson DC07/DC14 Service: This is recommended especially for 5 years and older machines (or heavy used machines)

Disassemble and clean-out: cyclones, hoses, pipes, shroud,rug
plate, dirt cup, lubricate bearings and pivot points. Install parts.

Plus install new HEPA and motor filter and new brush roll and new clutch.

Service available on all models including: DC07,DC11,DC14,DC15,DC16,Dyson,DC17,DC18,DC21,DC22,DC23,DC24,DC25,DC26,DC27,DC28,DC31,DC33,DC34 Handheld,DC35,DC39,Canister,DC40,Upright,DC41,DC44,DC47,DC50,DC56,DC58,DC59,DC61,DC62,DC65,DC66