Dyson DC07/DC14 Service

Dyson vacuumsDyson DC07/DC14 Service: This is recommended especially for 5 years and older machines (or heavy used machines)

Disassemble and clean-out: cyclones, hoses, pipes, shroud,rug
plate, dirt cup, lubricate bearings and pivot points. Install parts.

Plus install new HEPA and motor filter and new brush roll and new clutch.

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Service available on all models including: DC07,DC11,DC14,DC15,DC16,Dyson,DC17,DC18,DC21,DC22,DC23,DC24,DC25,DC26,DC27,DC28,DC31,DC33,DC34 Handheld,DC35,DC39,Canister,DC40,Upright,DC41,DC44,DC47,DC50,DC56,DC58,DC59,DC61,DC62,DC65,DC66