Dyson Service

Dyson Service/Repair

Dyson Service/Repair

Dyson Service/ Tune-ups/MaintenanceDyson vacuums


      Dyson vacuums are very popular, but need to be maintained and serviced to keep working properly. Dyson service and Dyson maintenance is vital to proper performance. Dyson filters should be replaced periodically. Brush rolls wear down and get less effective, clutches and belts fail and get worn. Get a full service Tune-up on your Dyson or get individual services done here at Mike’s Vacuum Express.

Factory trained by Dyson, Mike’s Vacuum services hundreds of Dyson

vacuums every year.


Dyson Maintenance:

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Dyson motor filter service


Dyson HEPA filter  service

Dyson brush rolls replacement

Dyson belts changes  


Dyson clutch rebuild and replacement                                                                       


Dyson suction service/restoration

Dyson filter service/changes

Dyson tune-ups

Dyson cord replacements

Dyson hose repair

Dyson switch service/repair

Dyson brush roll replacement

And many many more…..


Service available for all models including:


Handheld,DC35,DC39,Canister,DC40,Upright,DC41,DC44,DC47,DC50,DC56,DC58,DC59,DC61,DC62,DC65,DC66 and others


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