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There are two ways you can shampoo your carpet:

You can use the wet extraction method or the dry method. 


They go by many names: steam vacs, shampooers, scrubbers, etc.  Technically, the correct name is extractors.  They don’t actually produce steam.  These machines dispense a shampoo solution, scrub it into your carpet, and extract it back into the machine.  There is a BIG difference in makes AND models.  We are experts and can explain the differences.

At Mike’s Vacuum we offer the most reliable option for both types of cleaning.

Come in and see which model is best for you!


    The dry method eliminates these and other problems.  It’s a simple 2 step procedure.  First, mist your carpet with a pre-spray and let it sit for 5 minutes.  This starts to break down the dirt and oils in your carpet.  Second, sprinkle down the dry shampoo, which resembles a moist granule.  A dry carpet shampooer (DCS) machine thoroughly brushes the dry shampoo into your carpet, cleaning it in the process.  The granules act like little sponges, absorbing all the dirt and oils.  After about an hour or so, simply vacuum it up and you’re done!  Your carpet will be clean again and without any shampoo residue to attract dirt.