Kirby Repair

Serving:  Menifee, Sun City, Murrieta, Hemet, Wildomar, Corona, Temecula, La Cresta and surrounding areas.


Kirby repair and servicing is available on all models and done on-site here at Mike’s Vacuum. We recommend having your Kirby serviced every three

years. keeping your Kirby properly maintained is key to a long lasting and excellent performing machine. Most Kirby repairs are done in 1 day.


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 Thousands of Kirby repairs are done here. Kirby vacuum parts are in stock.

Bring in your vacuum for a free Kirby Repair estimate.

(Most common repairs listed below)

Kirby belt replacement

-Kirby belts are always in stock and can be done while you wait

Kirby brush roll replacement

-Kirby brush rolls can be  installed while you wait

Kirby cord repair

-Kirby cords can be installed while you wait

Kirby axle repair

-Kirby axle repairs are done in 1 day

Kirby hose repair

-Kirby hose repairs are done on the spot

Kirby fill tube repair

-Kirby fill tube repairs are done in 1 day

Kirby bag (outer) replacement

-Kirby cloth bags are in stock and take one day to install

Kirby transmission repair

-Kirby transmissions are in stock and take 1 day to repair

Kirby motor repair

-Kirby motors usually have to be ordered (2 days)

Kirby wheel repair

-Kirby wheels are in stock

And all other repairs not listed

Call with any questions, or come in for free estimates.


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