Vibrance Classic


Vibrance Classic

The Vibrance classic is very user friendly, just turn it on and go. You don’t have to guess with a height adjustment knob, the Vibrance classic has a floating head which gives you perfect vacuuming every time.

The quick grab wand on the side allows you to easily use the tools (which are located on the rear of the vacuum).

If the bag gets too full the Riccar Classic will shut down automatically. Also if you unknowingly pick up a sock, pet toy or other similar items, it will also shut off. This feature on the Vibrance Classic prevents motor damage and prolongs the life of your machine.

The variable suction on the Classic allows you to reduce air flow when vacuuming with the dust brush or upholstery tool.

The Riccar Classic also comes with FREE annual service from Mike’s Vacuum as long as you own it. Come in for a test drive today!  – Mike

American made

Auto height adjustment

Attachment hose with on board tools

Bag full/clog auto shut off

Variable suction

THREE year warranty

Wood brush roll.

24 foot cord makes it easy to clean a large area.

The Riccar Vibrance Classic is a very popular  vacuum.

Riccar Vibrance Classic